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FELIX A. WEBER is currently Partner at BLR Partners Ag., Senior Advisor and Managing Director at Accenture Switzerland Ltd. And Chairman of the board at Cembra Money Bank. Previously, he was a Managing Director of Nomura International Ltd., a Director of Publigroupe (2005–2009), a Director of Valora (2006–2008), a Director of Glacier Holdings GP SA and Glacier Holdings S.C.A (former parent entities of Cablecom GmbH) (2003–2005), a Director of Cablecom GmbH (2004–2005), Managing Director of Lehman Brothers Ltd. (2006–2008), Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Adecco SA (1998–2004), Associate Project Manager and Principal of McKinsey & Company in Zurich (1989–1997), and Chief Executive Officer of Alusuisse South Africa (1982–1984). Felix graduated from the University of St. Gallen with an MBA in operations research and finance and a PhD in marketing.

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