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ADOLFO VALSECCHI has over 35 years of experience in the seafood business. Originally from an engineering background, he started running small tuna canning operations in Italy, Madeira (Portugal) and Somalia. He spent 20 years at Palmera, the second-largest canned seafood business in Italy and was a member of the Italian Canners Association and several working groups at the EU Commission in Brussels. In 1996, he joined Heinz as Managing Director of the Mareblu business and as operations director of the seafood canneries. In 1999, he became Managing Director of Heinz European Seafood business and Heinz Western Europe. In 2006, Heinz European Seafood was bought by Trilantic Capital Partners (formerly Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking) and renamed MW Brands and Mr Valsecchi became CEO. The company was sold in October 2010 to Thai Union Frozen PLC. In 2014, Mr. Valsecchi became majority shareholder and CEO of Generale Conserve, an independent canned seafood producer based in Genova, Italy. Currently chairs the IAT, the Italian flag tuna fishing company operating in the Indian Ocean and is a founding member of International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.

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