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Talgo: Spanish Minister of Transportation to Support Talgo in its Internationalization

Madrid, Spain - September 24, 2009 - The Minister of Transportation, Jose Blanco, reiterated today, during a visit to Talgo’s factory in Madrid, that the government will support the Spanish train manufacturer to be present in other countries worldwide.

This has been the first visit of a Minister of Transportation to Talgo since 1985, according to Talgo’s president, Carlos de Palacio Oriol, who “sincerely” thanks Mr. Blanco, in the name of all Talgo workers, for his interest.

During his visit to Talgo’s factory, Mr. Blanco reviewed the hybrid train1, a new Talgo development which will allow high speed operations in electric and non-electric tracks and will be operating by 2011 to Galicia and Alicante, as well as the new trains, which from 2010 will bring the high speed train to Valencia.

Mr. Blanco stated that, as minister, he was honoured to know that “very soon, areas as important as Galicia and Valencia will start enjoying the benefits of high-speed rail” and also that “visiting state-of-the-art companies such as Talgo who develop technology that allows the most modern high speed trains.” It is therefore, he added, the obligation of the Government of Spain to “back these companies and its workers to be able to continue being competitive and allow that Spain continues being, even with more reasons, a world leader, a reference in everything related to high speed rail.” This has even more importance, said Mr. Blanco, in regards to the interest shown by other countries and in particular by the president of the Untied States Barack Obama, in the Spanish high speed rail.

On the one hand, the fact that the world’s first economic power recognized Spain as a leader and a reference in high speed rail is very important for us” and on the other hand, “it was also important that they knew our companies involved in the high speed rail very well.”

“We have to indeed congratulate Talgo for having recently sold trains in the U.S,” added Mr. Blanco, “I believe this is a good start and I am sure that thanks to Talgo professionalizm, they will be able to increase its internationalization.”

At the same time, Talgo’s President added that Mr. Blanco’s visit “is a motivation to maintain our highly recognized work.”

During the visit, Talgo also presented to the Minister its future high speed/high capacity train, named AVRIL, which will be a “reference in the future of high speed and possibly our reference train for the export market.” It is a 100% Spanish train, with a Talgo traction, that will respond to the needs of the high speed rail of the future (environmentally friendly and accessible), and which “we believe could be a success in the international market.”

(1) hybrid electric/diesel traction which will allow the reach of high speed rail to areas without the need of expensive investments in infrastructure

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