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Spain's TALGO Awarded €482 million Contract In Kazakhstan

Talgo will supply Kazakhstan public railway operator, PP (Passazhirskie Perevozki), a branch of railway administration KTZ, with 603 passenger cars (21 trains) for long-distance services all over the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The agreement was signed during the business trip of the Spanish Minister of Public Works (Fomento), Ana Pastor, thus giving clear evidence of the cooperation of the Spanish Government with Spanish companies, in a joint effort to take the Spanish state policy Marca España to the top places.


On June 26th 2013, the above mentioned company and joint venture Tulpar-Talgo signed an important agreement worth 482 millions of Euros. Earlier in 2012 Talgo already signed an agreement for providing maintenance services to Kazakhstan’s new fleet of train cars for the next 15 years (amounting to 1.000 million Euros). Talgo boosts thus its position on Asian markets, operating in one of the countries with a higher growth potential in the last few years.

Thanks to this contract, Talgo will be able to set a commitment to an industrial business activity from 2015 to 2019. The manufacture of the cars is to be shared between Spain (Talgo’s locations at Rivabellosa –Alava, and Las Matas - Madrid) and Kazakhstan, with a gradual activity transfer to their site in Astana.


State-of-the-art wide-body railcars supplied by Talgo will reach 200km/h. and have been specially designed for extreme climatic conditions (-50ºC), apart from meeting other specific requirements by Kazakhstan. Likewise, they are compliant with the latest standard requirements being developed for Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. The exclusive and innovative Talgo technology has increased both speed and quality in service in Kazakhstan, reducing considerably the travel times, without requiring any infrastructure investment.

The signing of this agreement is a step forward in their growing strategy of business internationalization by adding a new achievement to the company’s well-known successful performance.


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